Copyright Recapture – Walden Bromley Blue


Let’s be frank: Many artists aren’t very good at business.

This can harm them later, as they sign away their copyrights to the publishing houses for very low fees. One classic example: in 1938, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, two young men from Cleveland, Ohio, signed over all of their rights to the Superman character to DC Comics for $130.00.

In recent years, the laws have changed to address this, allowing artists, authors and inheritors a second bite at the negotiating apple: Section 203 of the 1978 Copyright Act allows authors – or their heirs – to terminate any contract after 35 years.

That’s where we come in.

We’ve assembled a team of financial experts and intellectual property attorneys who will defend your intellectual property, and make you more financially secure and emotionally confident. We also have the skills and knowledge to bring to life older works for a new market, creating new value for your artistic and intellectual properties.

Picture your work – reimagined for the digital era.

We are your advocates: Our fees come from the renegotiated contract, not from your pocket.

We can also digitally publish your works – and reimagine, re-package and market older works to bring them new life, and open new doors for you to profit from your (or your estate’s) creative works.

We handle the business of copyright recapture – so you can focus on your art.