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Dr. Julie M. Albright

Dr. Albright has many credentials, all of them impressive, but she also has the one commodity that every brand wants to possess: Perspective. Perspective about the way technology advances a message and attracts a whole generation of people – what she calls “The Untethered Generation.”

Her particular skill is in discerning patterns – seeing constellations where others only see stars.


As a digital sociologist, Dr. Albright’s insight about this issue has made her a sought-after keynote speaker worldwide by Fortune 500 companies including IBM Global, SAP, Oncor, Distributech, DARPA, CS Week, Society for Petroleum Engineers, and many others.


As a Lecturer at the USC Dept. of Psychology and former Managing Director of the USC Energy Institute, Dr. Albright works with a diverse group of academicians, entrepreneurs, and executives at the forefront of behavior and technology.


Dr. Albright has appeared as a noted expert in every type of media, from radio to TV to magazines, including the Today Show, CNN, The Discovery Channel, Dr. Phil, The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, Newsweek, MSNBC, Elle Magazine and many others. She is currently working on a book on the impact of mobile, social, digital technologies on society.

Alex P Headshot

Mr. Alexander Pournelle

Mr. Pournelle has over 35 years of experience as a technologist, in technical consulting, production, and systems engineering, all with a hands-on, friendly style. His writing style is clear and lucid, and he has a long proven history of technical writing for non-technical readers.

His experience with architectural systems, including Smart Design, risk mitigation, and CSI MasterSpec creation, lends credibility and gravitas to his work in the technical vertical.
Mr. Pournelle has also lead tech production teams for events during CES, YouTube Live!, eSports tourneys, major Hollywood awards ceremonies, wireless handset rollouts, record-setting event at Hoover Dam, live brand-awareness event (2.25 million uniques), hundreds more. Services include Internet, microwave, Wi-Fi, production (Switching, encoding, VODs/curation, editing, audio, presentation, lighting), vendor management, logistics, electric, staff management.
Alex has also been a contributing editor for TechRevu and Byte Magazines.
His words build brands.

Francis Ha

Mr. Francis Ha

Francis is a certified White Hat Hacker, and is our lead SEO Ninja. He is responsible for SEO analysis, website design, SEO content, link building, programming and social media marketing.

His work makes sure we find where your customers are, and what they’re searching for – so we can not only build content around their needs, but can also advise you on how to optimize your website and other social media with headlines, URLs and content your customers want.  That’s how art and science work together to amplify your marketing dollars.