The majority of content out there is forgettable

We may agree to agree, that the majority of online content is mediocre and mendacious; a benign nuisance that, though it amplifies the cyber shouting of political combatants and worsens the overall noise pollution of the Web, is as forgettable as it is fleeting; a violation of the unwritten rules of civility — a code of behavior that has as many amendments and clauses as any official terms of service (TOS) — in which the amateur yields to the professional, the untutored defers to the skilled and the unlettered surrenders to the learned; but, if this scenario were true, and if the facts were to support this claim, we would not have sites that look like primitive message boards from the early aughts of the first decade of our new century, where two of the most prolific sources of hatred and defeat belong to white supremacists and Islamists.


Since the content of these fascist gangsters is, from the standpoint of morality and decency, so foul and poisonous — it is because these propagandists are so crude and irrational, and so despicable and frighteningly deadly — that they are so maddeningly successful.

With their hammer blows of Nazi ideology and Islamic certitude, in this perverse union of pagan blood myths and theocratic blood oaths, these sites — replete with their shared allegiance to the mass murder of Jews; and the erasure of one genocide, the Holocaust, from the books of history, and its replacement (and subsequent denial) with a sequel of global proportions — I can say, with confidence and sadness, that good content does not triumph over bad.

Logic and common sense do not always prevail against anger and criminal intent.

Heroism and courage do not just summon themselves from the souls of good men and women.

We get, in other words, the content we deserve.

We are, by our silence and inaction, the authors of the content we despise.

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