Social Research

What’s important to your customer? What do they think of your product or brand? How can you best reach out to them?

We’ll help you find out.

From large scale online surveys for companies like Elle Magazine, and eHarmony to data mining for the energy sector, to face to face interviews to social listening and sentiment analysis – Walden Bromley has the technology and experience to create actionable results, and can create white papers or reports for your business which can provide a roadmap for your brand development, or serve as content for your webpage or as premium content for your customers.

Dr. Albright holds two masters and a Ph.D. in Sociology and Marriage and Family Therapy, and has designed and implemented research projects for eHarmony, Elle Magazine/ MSNBC, the L.A. Dept. of Water and Power, and others. She would be happy to design a custom research project to meet your needs.

Services include:

  • Social Listening – What are customers saying about your brand, your competitors or your verticle?
  • Social Network Analysis – Who are the key influencers, what are they talking about, and what hashtags are they using?
  • Sentiment Analysis – What are the concerns, fears and emotions tied to your brand, your competitors or your sector?
  • Keywords / Sources – We can identify the online conversations relevant to your business and brand
  • Data analysis – We work with the latest cutting-edge tools to interpret the data
  • Coding / Sentiment analysis – We apply rules to further understand the conversation
  • Analysis – We analyze the data to generate actionable insights
  • Presentation – We can visualize and present the data in the most engaging way
  • Surveys – We can conduct surveys to shed light on your customers, and their experiences, values, emotions and desires
  • Focus Groups – We can conduct qualitative research with key consumer groups to gain insights and sentiment analysis for you to target your brand strategy efforts